IME Transcription Services

99% Accuracy. Guaranteed TAT. Single IME providers to Multi-Clinic.

Fast, accurate, and cost-effective.  No one does it better.


Our North American team works around the clock to meet rigorous turnaround times and eliminate backlogs of dictation.


Higher than the industry average, we deliver an accuracy rating of 99% to ensure quality reports you can rely on.


We draw from our highly skilled transcription team to guarantee service levels that meet your turnaround time requirements.


Working with a transcription services company skilled and proficient in IME reports is one of the best ways to ensure accuracy and timely delivery of your documents. Whether you specialize in workers comp, insurance claims, or another specialty, the team at Terra Nova has you covered. 

We offer accurate and reliable transcription of medical examinations, consultations, proceedings, letters, and much more. With over 20 years experience, coast to coast in both the U.S. & Canada, Terra Nova is the perfect partner for secure document services. Our professionals can transcribe:

  • Public and private sector workers compensation claims
  • Medical records
  • Physical examination notes
  • Clinical evaluation reports
  • Medical history documents
  • Diagnosis studies
  • Psychological evaluations


Leave transcription, recruiting, training, and quality assurance to us. With Terra Nova’s team of transcriptionists and editors, you can focus on the business of health information management.

From on-time delivery to accurate quality, Terra Nova’s operational best practices, enabling technologies, and optimized workflows deliver powerful performance and value to your organization.

Avoid physician burnout related to EHR distractions at the point of care, frustration over front-end speech recognition tools, and. Terra Nova can save them time and simplify their workday.

Your revenue cycle depends on clinical documentation. Terra Nova enables HIM professionals to efficiently process information in support of both patient care and effective revenue collection.

Why Choose Terra Nova for IME Transcription Services

From workflow optimization and technology deployment to change management, Terra Nova strives to become an extension of your organization to improve your documentation management.

Using outsourced medical transcription services can result in a dramatic increase in the number of patient visits per provider per day – often by at least 20%.

Why Partner With an IME Transcription Service?

Partnering with an IME transcription service allows you to leave the tedious task of transcribing medical examination reports to a team of experienced professionals. With Terra Nova’s specialized independent medical examination transcription services, you can save time and money on document management and receive accurate reports quickly so that you can make timely decisions based on comprehensive data.


With our IME services, you’ll receive accurate and reliable transcription of medical examinations, consultations, proceedings, letters, and more. In IME services, accuracy is key. Mistakes can be costly, and even the smallest errors can have a large impact on your bottom line.


Our team of experts is able to quickly transcribe any medical exams or other documents for a fast turnaround time. We’re here to meet your turnaround time requirements so you can keep your business running smoothly.


Our solutions include fast turnaround times and secure document management systems. Our secure, cloud-based system makes it easy to track the progress of your transcription and access your documents from anywhere.



An acute care facility in Toronto experienced a significant increase in dictation over a period of six months and was challenged to hire additional in-house transcriptionists to meet the spike in volume. Dictation backlog quickly became an issue in delivering patient care.


Terra Nova was contracted to assist in overflow transcription. Clearing up the backlog over just a few weeks, the hospital recognized that this partnership would ensure improved efficiency in document workflow and ease the management of HR in terms of recruiting and training. The partnership ensures that turnaround time is met, and patient care is never compromised.

Terra Nova is flexible and agile. As client documentation volumes and needs change, our team adjusts to those needs, executes on that adjustment, and works to achieve your desired outcomes. A collaborative environment helps us understand your goals and provide customized solutions for you, creating a successful partnership.

The right people can help you achieve the right results at the right time. Doing so requires the frequent communication. From regular communication with your Client Relations Manager, to highly accessible phone and email support, and transcriptionists who actively support you – our service comes with a personal touch. 

Beyond delivering transcription services, Terra Nova is a natural strategic partner for healthcare organizations. Our consultative approach to service delivery is not limited to sharing best practices, but expands to developing documentation workflow strategies, and effectively facilitating change. That’s Terra Nova value.

At Terra Nova, we raised the bar on quality by holding ourselves to an accuracy rate of at least 99%. Our commitment to delivering an accurate document in a timely manner is proven every day by our customer satisfaction. It’s not just words on a page, it is what we live every day in our service delivery.

Other Transcription Services

We also offer medical and legal transcription services. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable transcribers can take care of all your transcription needs, from medical to legal to financial.